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Moment Photography

Styled Photoshoot

Styled photoshoot decor set up services offer photographers the opportunity to enhance the aesthetic quality and storytelling potential of their images.

From selecting props, furniture, and backdrops to arranging lighting and decor elements, these services ensure that every detail is meticulously planned and executed to create stunning visual compositions. Whether it's a wedding shoot, fashion editorial, product photography, or any other creative project, styled photoshoot decor set up services provide photographers with the resources and support needed to bring their concepts to life.

Investment: $195.00 and up

Iza Smith Photography


Venue staging decor set up services involve the arrangement and decoration of a space to enhance its aesthetic appeal and functionality for events such as weddings, parties, conferences, or corporate gatherings.

Overall, venue staging decor set up services aim to transform spaces into visually stunning environments that reflect the client's vision and creates the opportunity for the space to be captured fully decorated for advertisement purposes.

Investment: $500.00 and up

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