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Micro Wedding

Are you dreaming of an intimate and personalized celebration that perfectly captures the essence of your love story?

Our Micro Wedding Service is designed just for you!


What is a Micro Wedding?

This is a small, intimate ceremony and reception with a limited guest count, typically ranging from 10 to 49 guests. It's a curated experience that allows you to focus on the most meaningful moments with your closest family and friends.

Why choose a Micro Wedding?

Intimacy and Meaningful Connections:

  • A smaller guest list allows for more intimate interactions with each attendee

  • You can spend quality time with your closest family and friends, fostering meaningful connections


  • Micro weddings are generally more budget-friendly than larger weddings with fewer guests, expenses related to catering, venue, and other services are reduced

Reduced Stress:

  • There is less pressure to accommodate a large number of guests, and logistics are generally simpler, such as accommodations and meals

Focus on Personalization:

  • Smaller weddings provide the opportunity to personalize every detail, making the event more reflective of your personalities

  • You can invest more time and resources into customized elements, such as decorations and experiences

Unique Venues:

  • Micro weddings open up the possibility of choosing more unique and unconventional venues that may not be suitable for larger gatherings

  • You can opt for locations that hold sentimental value or are special to you such as your childhood home or the place where you first met

Extended Celebration:

  • With fewer guests to accommodate, couples may have the opportunity to extend the celebration over a weekend or several days, creating more lasting memories with their loved ones


What is included?

The specific services included in a micro wedding package can vary depending on the venue and individual preferences of the couple. However, here are some common elements that may be included in a micro wedding service:


Venue Rental:

  • Access to a smaller, more intimate venue that suits the couple's preferences, such as, outdoor spaces, private homes (Airbnb), or unique locations (local brewery, pub, or restaurant)

Event Coordination/Planning:

  • Assistance from an experienced wedding planner or coordinator to help plan and organize all the details

  • Coordination of logistics, timeline, as well as vendor scouting and management

Vendor Services

  • Professional photography service

  • Hair & Makeup

  • DJ - Entertainment

  • Small Cake with Cupcakes

  • Audio Guestbook

  • Catering Service

  • Bridal bouquet & boutonniere

Decor and Rentals:

  • Floral arrangements for the ceremony space, bridal bouquet, boutonniere, reception space and possibly additional decor

  • Rental items such as linens, backdrop arch, and other decor elements

  • Customization based on the couple's preferences and the overall theme

Micro weddings offer a more meaningful alternative to larger events, allowing you to allocate your budget to the elements that matter most to you. 

It's important to carefully review what is included in this service package that you are considering and to communicate your specific preferences and needs. Customization is often a key aspect of micro weddings, allowing you to tailor the services to create a unique and intimate celebration.

Ultimately, the decision to have a micro wedding is a personal one, and it often depends on your preferences, values, and circumstances.

Ready to get started?

Ready to create this curated, budget friendly, and intimate wedding experience?

Contact me to discuss your vision, and let me tailor a micro wedding package that suits your style and preferences.

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